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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Aff0rdable Items Under £50

While the iconic and sought-after pieces may come with hefty price tags, we firmly believe that there are hidden gems in the Star Wars universe that can still offer great potential returns without breaking the bank.

LEGO Star Wars Carbon-Freezing Chamber 75137

Current avg £45 - £55

This iconic set recreates the memorable scene from Cloud City, where the heroes are betrayed Han Solo is frozen in carbonite, making it highly sought after by Star Wars fans and collectors alike. The attention to detail of the freezing chamber make it an attractive display piece for enthusiasts, further adding to its appeal. Additionally, this set includes two relatively rare and desirable minifigures, Boba Fett and the Ugnaught, which are two types of figures not often made by lego, making it even more enticing for collectors. As the appreciation for classic Star Wars scenes and unique LEGO sets continues to grow, the Freezing Chamber has the potential to gain value over time.
LEGO 75262 Imperial Dropship 20th Anniversary

Current avg £45 - £50

This set holds the potential to increase in value due to its nostalgic appeal to fans and collectors alike. The original 7667 Imperial Dropship was a fan favorite, allowing customers to amass stormtroopers for their LEGO Star Wars armies. The 20th Anniversary edition pays homage to this classic set, evoking fond memories and capturing the spirit of the early years of LEGO Star Wars. Moreover, this special edition set includes an exclusive Han Solo minifigure, adding even more allure to collectors. As the demand for commemorative and limited-edition LEGO sets grows, the LEGO 75262 Imperial Dropship 20th Anniversary has the potential to become increasingly attractive to collectors, leading to a potential increase in its value over time.
The Black Series Centrepiece Luke Skywalker

Current avg £25 - £35

This 2017 model depicts Luke Skywalker in his iconic Hoth pilot outfit, capturing a pivotal and fan-favorite moment from Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. As one of the highest fan-rated films in the entire Star Wars franchise, Episode V holds a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide. This figure represents a key moment in the film, showcasing Luke after his heroic feat of destroying the Imperial AT-AT, making it a prized addition to any collection. The popularity of Luke Skywalker as a character and the enduring appeal of Episode V contribute to the possible high demand in the future for this figure. Collectors seek to own this exceptional representation of a beloved character and a memorable scene from the Star Wars saga.
LEGO Battle of Endor (40362) Promotional 2019

Current avg £30 - £40

As a gift with purchase item, this set was not available for direct sale, making it a sought-after and exclusive collectible. Despite its small size, this microscale depiction of the iconic Battle of Endor is intricately detailed and accurately captures the essence of this legendary Star Wars battle. Fans and collectors alike are drawn to its appeal and rarity, making it highly desirable among Star Wars enthusiasts. The limited availability and growing interest in Star Wars memorabilia could drive up the value of this promotional set even further. For collectors looking to add a unique and valuable piece to their LEGO Star Wars collection, we think the set is a promising investment with the potential to appreciate over time.
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