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Live Action TV Shows

This page is dedicated to products from live action Star Wars TV shows, the items were selected due to there perceived chance of increasing in value.


The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian Funko Pop 330 NYCC Limited Edition 2019

Current avg £150 - £190

As an exclusive NYCC release, it is a limited edition with incredibly rare numbers, making it a prized possession among avid collectors.The popularity of The Mandalorian character further contributes to the allure of this limited edition Funko Pop. As fans of the hit series seek to add this exclusive version to their collections, its rarity and high demand are likely to drive its value upwards. This specific NYCC limited edition with the exclusive Comic Con sticker marks it as the rarest version of The Mandalorian Funko Pop.
Black Series The Mandalorian First Edition

Current avg £150 - £180

This figure holds immense significance for collectors. The combination of being an outstanding figure and the scarcity of its availability contributes to its potential for value appreciation. Moreover, the rarity of finding The Mandalorian - First Edition on the market adds to its allure. As time goes on, this collectible will likely become increasingly difficult to find, driving its demand even higher. As the hit show gains increased popularity, the demand for The Mandalorian figures, especially the First Edition, is expected to surge. As a result, this figure will become even more sought after.

Obi Wan Kenobi

LEGO 75336 Star Wars Inquisitor Transport Scythe

Current avg £80 - £90

While currently available deals on platforms like eBay might present opportunities to acquire this set under its list value, its true value is likely to become more apparent in the future as it starts to become rarer. As this set eventually exits the market and retires, it's expected to see a notable increase in value. The reasons for this are: the Inquisitor Transport Scythe is a very well made set, capturing its on-screen counterpart with remarkable accuracy. This level of detail makes it an ideal choice for display, appealing greatly to collectors. Furthermore, the set includes an exceptional assortment of minifigures, enhancing its allure among collectors. Buying the set now at a reasonable price could potentially be a good investment decision, because the set will eventually retire and will almost certainly spike in value.
The Black Series Grand Inquisitor 6" Inch

Current avg £25 - £30

This character, known for his compelling presence in Star Wars Rebels, has evolved into a fan favorite, capturing the imagination of fans through various mediums. From his initial appearance in Rebels to his presence in comics and now even in live action, the Grand Inquisitor's character has gained momentum and intrigue among fans. This figure represents a pivotal and memorable character who has left a lasting impact on the Star Wars narrative. The buzz generated around the Grand Inquisitor's possible involvement in future projects, coupled with his enduring popularity, has created a unique dynamic that could lead to an increase in the figure's value. Despite initial reactions to the live-action interpretation, the character's depth and significance are undeniable, making this figure an increasingly desirable collectible. As time passes and the figure becomes rarer, its value is likely to grow.


As this show is relatively new there haven't been many exclusives and collector items, or items we deem good enough to put here yet. We will be continuously looking for new items and this will be consistently updated for new items, this is still in progress.

B2EMO Funko Pop 566 NYCC 2022 Exc Official Con Sticker

Current avg £22 - £32

The B2EMO Funko Pop 566 NYCC 2022 Exc Official Con Sticker holds great potential for significant value appreciation in the future. As a New York Comic Con exclusive, these figures typically experience substantial increases in value over time, becoming highly sought after among collectors. Being part of a very new show, the value of this Funko Pop may take some time to appreciate fully. However, as the show gains popularity and the demand for exclusive figures grows, this particular B2EMO Funko Pop is likely to follow the pattern of previous NYCC exclusives. This presents a timely opportunity for collectors and investors to acquire this rare figure at a relatively affordable price.
The Black Series 6" CASSIAN ANDOR and B2EMO

Current avg £35 - £45

With the captivating show Andor featuring the main character Cassian Andor and his endearing droid B2EMO, this figure set has already garnered significant interest among Star Wars fans. As the first item released by Hasbro's Black Series line specifically for the Andor show, this could in the future be very sought after. With the show's outstanding reception and growing fanbase, the demand for collectibles related to Cassian Andor and B2EMO is expected to soar. As a result, this figure set may become increasingly rare and sought after, driving its value higher over time.


As this show is relatively new there haven't been many exclusives and collector items, or items we deem good enough to put here yet. We will be continuously looking for new items and this will be consistently updated for new items, this is still in progress.

Rebels Ahsoka (Special Edition) Funko Pop 130

Current avg £38 - £48

As a special edition figure, depicting a fan-favorite character, this Funko Pop holds unique appeal among Star Wars enthusiasts. Being the first Ahsoka Funko Pop released further adds to the desirability of this collectible. As the demand and hype for Ahsoka Tano continue to grow, and the availability of this special edition Funko Pop decreases, it is highly likely to see a gradual rise in value over time. Collectors seeking to complete their Ahsoka Funko Pop collection will find this figure increasingly desirable.
Black Series Exclusive - The Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano & Grogu 3 pack

Current avg £115 - £140

This set of figures is from Season 2 of The Mandalorian, where fans witnessed Ahsoka Tano's first appearance in live action, portrayed brilliantly. Containing all three important characters from this memorable episode, the set has become a coveted treasure among Star Wars enthusiasts. The hype surrounding The Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano, and Grogu has driven the popularity of this figure set to new heights, making it increasingly difficult to obtain, further adding to its appeal. With the set's availability becoming scarce, its potential to increase in value is undeniable. As time goes on, the rarity of this will only further fuel its demand among collectors, potentially driving its value even higher.
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