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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Gaming Items

On our Gaming Page, you'll find a curated selection of Star Wars items that are related or have originated from Star Wars games.

Cal Kestis Fallen Order The Black Series First Edition

Current avg £65 - £80

As the first edition of the figure, this collectible holds a special place in the Star Wars universe. Its exclusivity and rarity set it apart from subsequent releases, adding to its appeal and desirability for avid collectors. With the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and its sequel, the demand for figures like Cal Kestis has surged. As a result, the Cal Kestis Fallen Order The Black Series First Edition has become increasingly sought after, and its value has risen accordingly.
Inferno Squad Iden Chase GameStop Exclusive Funko POP 460

Current avg £35 - £45

As a GameStop exclusive, this figure holds a degree of exclusivity, but what truly sets it apart is its status as a limited chase edition. Distinguished by Iden's helmet, unlike the normal version without it, the Chase edition of Funko POP 460 is a much rarer and sought-after variant, making it an ideal choice for collectors. The limited availability and the demand for this rare version contribute to its rising value.
LEGO 7672 Rogue Shadow

Current avg £340 - £380

Released in 2008, this set was an unconventional move by LEGO as it delved into the world of Star Wars video games, specifically the Force Unleashed game. This decision surprised many, considering the game's darker and more violent themes, not typically associated with LEGO sets. Meaning the set has proven to be a unique gem in the LEGO Star Wars collection. It captures Starkiller's ship from the game, making it a coveted piece among collectors. The set's exclusivity is further amplified by the fact that it stands as the only representation of this ship in LEGO form, enhancing its rarity. As a result of its distinctiveness and limited availability, is has already seen a significant increase in value. With its rarity likely to persist and demand, it is expected that the price will continue to rise substantially.
Imperial Shock Trooper Black Series 6" Battlefront

Current avg £55 - £65

With nostalgia for the original EA Battlefront game on the rise, the demand for figures like the Imperial Shock Trooper is expected to grow further. For both collectors and investors, the Imperial Shock Trooper Black Series 6" Battlefront figure is a fantastic item to acquire. Produced in 2016, the Imperial Shock Trooper figure has become increasingly rare, adding to its allure among collectors and investors. As time goes on, finding this well-crafted and accurate representation of the Shock Trooper will be more challenging to acquire.
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