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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Original Era Products

This page is dedicated to products from the original era across all three films, the items were selected due to there perceived chance of increasing in value.


Episode IV Products

LEGO 75159 Death Star

Current avg £830 - £900

Despite its relatively long production run of 4 years, the set has experienced a surge in value after retirement, and we believe this trend will continue. The set boasts an impressive selection of iconic scenes within the Death Star itself, making it a sought-after set for Star Wars fans. As well as this given its recent retirement and the unlikelihood of a similar open-style Death Star displaying and representing different scenes inside it being replicated soon, therefore this will be the best option for people who want a open Death Star.
R2-D2 Diamond Collection 2022 Galactic Convention Funko Pop 31

Current avg £120 - £150

With just 3000 ever produced this is a very sought after item. The combination of its limited availability and distinctive Diamond Collection design has driven its current demand to impressive heights. This also gives a good indication that it has a high potential for its value to continue soar over time. Though acquiring the Funko Pop Star Wars 31 R2-D2 Diamond Collection may come at a premium cost, due to the unique design and limited number of unites produced we believe this is a good opportunity.

Episode V Products

Yoda (Blue Chrome) - 2019 Star Wars Celebration Funko Pop 124

Current avg £80 - £110

Limited to a mere 2500 pieces, this figure has become a highly sought-after collectible among Star Wars fans and collectors. Depicting the wise Yoda from Degobah, the unique chrome blue finish adds an extra touch of allure to this exclusive edition. This has great potential to continue to rise in value over time as as its scarcity will only increase over time. As a result, this Funko Pop has established itself as an good potential investment opportunity with significant chance for continued valuation growth.
Black Series 6'' Bossk

Current avg £95 - £110

This figure is from the moment when the bounty hunters hired to capture Han Solo are seen on the deck of the Super Star Destroyer. In this unforgettable scene, Bossk stands tall, looking down at the Imperial officers with an air of menace. As the second most iconic bounty hunter in Episode V, only behind Boba Fett, The Trandoshan has carved a niche for himself in Star Wars lore, attracting a dedicated following. This demand for this figure has meant that it has already had a substantial increase in value and we believe that as this figure is retired it will continue.

Episode VI Products

Star Wars Black Series 6” Emperor Palpatine Throne Room

Current avg £130 - £170

This figure pays homage to the climactic scene in the Throne Room on the Death Star II, where Emperor Palpatine attempts to turn Luke Skywalker to the dark side, leading to a critical moment where Darth Vader intervenes. The rarity and exclusivity of this figure adds to its allure and potential for value appreciation, this will only become rarer, that doesn't necessarily mean an increase in price but we think it likely.
Star Wars Black Series 6" Inch Exclusive Darth Vader Emperor's Wrath

Current avg £60 - £70

This figure shows how Darth Vader, becomes Anakin Skywalker by redeems himself while saving his son, from the Emperor's force lightning. This unforgettable scene is captured in stunning detail within the figure, as the helmet is rendered clear, revealing the skull of Anakin beneath, just as it appears in the climactic film scene. This figure made in 2015 is now becoming increasingly rare and will be harder to find in the future, and could cause prices to rise.
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