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The LEGO 75053 Ghost: A Tale of Value and the New 75375 Ghost & Phantom II

In the vast galaxy of LEGO Star Wars sets, few have captured the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts like the iconic 75053 Ghost. This beloved set, retired on December 31, 2015, has seen its value soar over the years. But now, with the arrival of the new 75375 Ghost & Phantom II, fans are left wondering: How will this new addition impact the value of the older set?

The 75053 Ghost set, a representation of the iconic ship from Star Wars Rebels, quickly became a prized collectible after its retirement. Fans and collectors alike sought to own this piece of Star Wars history, contributing to its impressive rise in value. With time, its rarity and the enduring love for the Star Wars Rebels era solidified its status as a sought-after item in the LEGO Star Wars universe.

LEGO's latest addition to the Star Wars lineup, the 75375 Ghost & Phantom II, has stirred excitement among fans for multiple reasons. This set encapsulates both the Ghost and the Phantom II ships in one package, addressing the appeal of owning both iconic vessels. Additionally, its direct connection to the new Ahsoka show, along with figures that tie into this era, positions it as a highly desirable item. The set's immense popularity is evident from LEGO's own website, where purchasing limits of three items per customer hint at the expected high demand.

Short-Term Impact on the Older Set:

The launch of the new Ghost & Phantom II set could potentially divert attention and demand from the older 75053 Ghost set. During the show's airing and the time when the new set is readily available, the older version might experience a temporary decrease in sales. This scenario doesn't necessarily translate to an immediate drop in price for the older set, but it could lead to fewer transactions in the short term.

Long-Term Investment Potential:

Looking ahead, the long-term prospects for the original 75053 Ghost set remain intriguing. As the Ghost and Phantom I ships from Star Wars Rebels hold a unique place in the fandom's heart, their original representations are unlikely to be replicated by LEGO in the future as the show has been retired for a long time now. The increasing attention and love these characters garner over time could sway collectors to seek out the authentic representation from the original set. This sentiment could fuel the continuation of the older set's value appreciation over a longer time horizon, as many fans will want to own the original set with the original rebels characters, which differentiates it greatly from the newer version.


The introduction of the new 75375 Ghost & Phantom II set LEGO's is to satisfy the demand for Ahsoka related items for Star Wars fans and collectors. While the initial surge of demand for the new set might influence the older 75053 Ghost's sales in the short term, its long-term investment potential remains solid. As fans cherish the characters and moments from Star Wars Rebels, the original representation of these ships will likely stand the test of time, making the 75053 Ghost an enduring treasure in the world of LEGO Star Wars collectibles.


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