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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Prequal Era Products

This page is dedicated to products from the prequal era across all three films, the items were selected due to there perceived chance of increasing in value.


Episode I Products

Queen Amidala 29 Funko Pop first release

Current avg £180 - £240

Queen Amidala 29 is a highly sought-after collectible that not only holds immense value but also possesses significant potential for future appreciation. This is due to it being an early release for the Star Wars line and is becoming increasingly rare. It also faithfully represents her most iconic look from Episode 1 of Star Wars, further increasing the appeal of this figure amongst both collectors and investors.
LEGO 7662 Trade Federation MTT

Current avg £1050 - £1250

Among all the MTT sets LEGO has produced to date, this 2007 version remains the most faithful representation, recreating the imposing scale and distinctive features of the vehicle. Notably, the front hatch of this set can hold many more battle droid minifigures, than any other. What makes this particularly valuable is its scarcity and unlikelihood of being reproduced anytime soon, especially on the same scale.

Episode II Products

Jango Fett Funko Pop 285

Current avg £55 - £65

This has the potential to appreciate in value owing to its impeccable accuracy and immense fan appeal. This specific Jango Fett figure showcases the iconic Mandalorian bounty hunter in his visually stunning silver and blue armor, complete with his trademark jetpack, ready to take to the skies. As a fan-favorite character, Jango Fett has captured the hearts of Star Wars enthusiasts, making this Funko Pop a must-have for collectors and fans alike.
Padme Amidala Funko Pop 237 2018 Spring Convention Exclusive

Current avg £45 - £55

This 2018 Spring Convention Exclusive, presents a remarkable opportunity for both collectors and investors due to its rarity and limited production and now retirement. This figure captures Padme Amidala in her iconic Geonosis Arena outfit from the pivotal battle scene in Attack of the Clones. With its intricate design and attention to detail, this collectible has already experienced a significant increase in value, and has the potential for more

Episode III Products

General Grevous Black Series Phase 3

Current avg £45 - £55

The accurate detailing sets this collectible apart, From his imposing stature to the intricate design of his cybernetic body, this figure reflects this iconic character perfectly. Moreover, it comes equipped with all four of his lightsabers, cape, and a blaster, ensuring a comprehensive and authentic representation. The demand for General Grievous merchandise has remained consistently high due to his status as a formidable villain and a fan-favorite antagonist. As a result, collectors are eager to add this figure to their collections, further fueling its potential for value appreciation.
Clone Commander Cody Funko Pop 176

Current avg £80 - £100

Cody has become a prized collectible that continues to soar in value, thanks to its accurate portrayal and high demand. As Obi-Wan Kenobi's right-hand man, Clone Commander Cody's popularity is continuously increasing. This figure captures a pivotal moment in Star Wars history, featuring a holographic Emperor Palpatine uttering the infamous words, "execute Order 66," this scene has become a emotional but favorite among enthusiasts. The remarkable demand for Cody only adds to its potential for further appreciation in value.
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