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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Sequel Era Products

This page is dedicated to products from the sequel era across all three films, the items were selected due to there perceived chance of increasing in value.


Episode VII Products

LEGO 75180 Rathtar Escape

Current avg £70 - £90

While it may not have been in high demand at the time, this set represents a memorable scene and our reintroduction to Han and Chewie in the sequel trilogy. The set accurately depicts the scene in the hallways and serves as a good representation of the moment. Over time, as appreciation for the sequel trilogy grows, fans may begin to look back fondly upon this scene, adding to the set's desirability. Additionally, the set's relatively low current value presents an opportunity for collectors and investors to acquire it at a favorable price. As LEGO is unlikely to produce another version of this scene any time soon, its rarity further contributes to its potential for value appreciation.
Star Wars THE BLACK SERIES First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter Pilot

Current avg £100 - £130

Already showing signs of increasing value, The Black Series First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter Pilot has become a rare find for Star Wars enthusiasts. It is a premium and detailed representation of a special forces TIE Fighter and pilot further drives its demand and potential for future value growth. The scarcity of this figure set in the market is a key factor in its potential for value appreciation. As time passes, the number of these brand-new and sealed sets diminishes.

Episode VIII Products

LEGO 75187 BB-8

Current avg £140 - £165

This accurately crafted and large-scale model of BB-8 has already seen a decent increase in value, and we believe it has room for further growth. BB-8, beloved by the majority of Star Wars fans, holds a special place in their hearts. As a result, this LEGO rendition of the iconic droid has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and admiration from collectors and enthusiasts alike. With more people purchasing, building, and opening the set, the supply of sealed BB-8 sets is likely to decrease over time. As a result, the high demand for this sought-after set could lead to an increase in its value as collectors and fans seek to add it to their collections.
LEGO 75190 First Order Star Destroyer

Current avg £240 - £280

This set is unique as the only First Order Star Destroyer made by LEGO to date, making it a sought-after collectible among fans. This set has minifigures and a well-designed interior and accurate exterior. Its rarity is further enhanced by the fact that LEGO typically produces Star Destroyers of different factions sparingly, making this set even more desirable among collectors. Star Destroyers, whether Imperial, First Order, or Venator, are iconic vessels in the Star Wars universe. However, LEGO seldom produces these ships, making this type of ship therefore relatively rare and highly sought after among collectors.

Episode IV Products

LEGO 75256 Kylo Ren's Shuttle

Current avg £135 - £160

As the second iteration of Kylo Ren's shuttle, this set stands out for its improved design and accuracy compared to the previous version. Featuring wings that angle at a V-shape, this shuttle is one of the best-looking and most accurate non-UCS sets produced by LEGO in recent years. Its predominantly black color with elements of translucent red adds to its striking appearance, making it a visually fantastic set. The inclusion of two sought-after minifigures of the Knights of Ren further enhances this set's desirability among collectors.
Luke Skywalker 399 & Princess Leia 400 Jedi Training NYCC Limited Edition

Current avg £80 - £110

This special bundle, exclusively released at NYCC is a limited edition offering, the rarity of this bundle contain the two limited edition figures is already contributing to its increasing value. The representation of the iconic training moment shared by Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia set shortly after Episode 6 holds immense appeal among enthusiasts. As time goes on, this bundle is expected to become increasingly scarce, driving its demand even higher.
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