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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Star Wars Stories

This page is dedicated to products from live action both star wars story films, the items were selected due to there perceived chance of increasing in value.



LEGO 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter

Current avg £150 -£170

This is a set that has already seen an increase in value and holds the potential for further appreciation. Despite a later tie fighter iteration from LEGO, which is smaller in scale and lacks accuracy, this set stands out as a much more precise and better model of a TIE Fighter. The inclusion of a fantastic array of figures adds to its collectible appeal. The Han Solo Imperial figure, valued at over £30, and the Mimban Stormtrooper, valued at over £40, are highly sought-after minifigures that make this set an ideal choice for collectors.
LEGO 75209 Han Solo's Landspeeder

Current avg £30 - £40

While its value hasn't risen considerably yet, this well-crafted and affordable set has several factors that could contribute to its future appreciation. Featuring an incredibly accurate model of the Landspeeder seen in the early stages of the film. The inclusion of a great selection of figures further enhances its appeal among fans and collectors. As appreciation for Solo: A Star Wars Story and its memorable scenes grows, demand for this set is likely to rise, contributing to its potential value increase.

Rogue One

The Black Series K-2SO 6'' 2016

Current avg £40 - 345

As the popularity of the Andor show continues to rise, fans are increasingly drawn to the characters from Rogue One, including K-2SO, making this figure a fan favorite. As K-2SO's first appearance in Rogue One is celebrated and cherished by fans, the demand for this figure is expected to grow, further driving its value. Moreover, The Black Series K-2SO 6'' 2016 figure holds a unique status as the original variant of this character made by the Black Series. Often, collectors prefer the first edition or original version of figures, enhancing the desirability of this particular version.
LEGO 75156 Krennic's Imperial Shuttle

Current avg £190 - £220

With LEGO unlikely to produce another Krennic's Imperial Shuttle anytime soon, this set becomes increasingly rare and desirable among collectors. Its exceptional design and attention to detail add to its appeal. The inclusion of incredibly sought-after minifigures, such as Director Krennic, valued at around £45, two death troopers, and the fan-favorite K-2SO, further enhances this set's value and collectability.
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